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Addressing Concerns & Formal Complaints


Parents/guardians enjoy great relationships with their student's teachers, principal, and other professionals at school. However, sometimes questions or concerns arise. When this happens, what should you do? Here's a simple guide to Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District's complaint resolution process. Keep in mind everyone has the same goal: student's best interests.

  1. Where do I Start ?
    Start with your student's teacher, counselor, nurse or other professional. Disputes and misunderstandings are often best resolved in person and may be the result of miscommunication. Often, misunderstandings can be cleared up or issues addressed through a courteous conversation at the school level. 
  2. If the issue isn't resolved, talk to a school administrator
    You may feel you were unable to resolve the issue with school staff. In this case, you should schedule a meeting or phone call to discuss the situation with your school's assistant principal or principal. 
  3. Last step, contact the District Office
    If you still feel there has not been a satisfactory resolution after exhausting all efforts in the steps outlined above, including discussing the situation with the principal,  please contact the district office at (916) 770-8800. If you have not taken the steps above to resolve the issue with the school, you may be referred back to the school site.

Young people learn how to handle real-life situations from the  behavior exhibited by the adults around them. As a district, we strive to model for students how to resolve issues in a courteous, respectful, and effective way.


The first step in resolving a complaint is to start with the process outlined above.

Some issues may need to follow a more formal process and may fall under the Uniform Complaint Procedures, Williams Uniform Complaint, or a Complaint Concerning District Employees. 

Uniform Complaint Procedures (Board Policy/Administrative Regulation 1312.3)

Some matters lie within the Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP) scope. A UCP is a written statement alleging unlawful discrimination, or failure to comply with a violation of a federal and/or state law in regards to specific categorical programs. A complaint must be filed by way of the UCP as written in the California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Sections 4600-4687.

Uniform Complaint Procedures Form

Annual Notification

Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 1312.3




CDE Uniform Complaint Procedures Pamphlet


Administrative Regulation 4119.12,
Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures (Personnel)


Administrative Regulation 5145.71,
Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures (Student)


Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures (Administrative Regulation 1312.4)

A Williams complaint refers to insufficient instructional materials, emergency or urgent facilities conditions that pose a threat to the health and safety of pupils, and teacher vacancy or missassignment. Williams Complaints may be filed anonymously. 

Williams Uniform Complaint Form
Administrative Regulation 1312.4

Complaints Concerning District Employees (Board Policy/Administrative Regulation 1312.1)

Every effort should be made to resolve a complaint at the earliest possible stage. Whenever possible, the complainant should communicate directly to the employee in order to resolve concerns.

Complaints Concerning District Employees Form
Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 1312.1

Forms can either be mailed to Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District, Superintendent, 8849 Cook Riolo Road, Roseville, CA 95747, or completed form can be emailed to Stephanie Perlberg at: