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House System

Purpose: At Olive Grove Elementary, we believe that growing strong character development in children is as equally important as developing strong academic performance.  We also understand children rarely grow in character living lives of isolation, and they must be given opportunities to participate in positive and meaningful relationships with other children and school staff throughout the school day.  The purpose of our House System is to give all children at our school the opportunity to build positive relationships with other students in other grades and in other classrooms.  In doing so, all our children will also interact with more school staff determined to leave a positive impact.  Overall, we want to remove artificial barriers at Olive Grove to encourage a larger and stronger school connection for each of our students.  Our ultimate goal at Olive Grove is for each and every child to feel loved and appreciated every single day.

What is the House System:

All children in grades K-5 belong to one of five Houses at Olive Grove.  Each House represents a character trait we want to nurture and develop in all our students.  The five character traits include Optimism, Friendship, Courage, Creativity, and Selflessness.  Each house name represents one of these strong character traits and comes from a particular region of our world.  Throughout the year, all students will participate in House Assemblies where all students will cheer one another's accomplishments, grow in confidence, and participate in some friendly competition.  Students will be able to contribute to the success of their House by treating one another with respect, care, and honor.  Individual goals and accomplishments of House members will be regularly celebrated by the entire school, and House members will be taught how to encourage others and work as a team to accomplish goals.  Every Monday is House Spirit Day and all children are encouraged to wear House colors!

House Names and Colors:

Okudala is Zulu for Creativity, and the House color is black.

Amistad is Spanish for Friendship, and the House color is red.

Adorea is Basque for Courage, and the House color is yellow.

Rakkan is Japanese for Optimism, and the House color is blue.

Altruismo is Italian for Selflessness, and the House color is purple.